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MMCF Membership


MMCF Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to apply for team fee reimbursement, competition, and camp scholarships. 
  • Quarterly Newsletter - The MMCF Star
  • Free Photos from Miles Weaver Photography at most Mammoth Events.
  • Early sign-up and discount opportunities for MMCF events.
  • Invitation to MMCF Member Early Ups for the 2019/2020 season.

MMCF Membership Pricing
  • Membership can be purchased at any time but must be purchased by January 31st in order to apply for that calendar year's scholarships. 
  • $100 per family
  • Membership purchased before September 1, 2020 applies to a 2019/2020 membership.
  • Please include a note in the purchase form of the name of your MMSST athlete(s) and their discipline/age group.