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The MMCF Mountain Bike Lending Program is available to any student/athlete on the Mammoth Mountain Bike Team.  This program is designed to help families with a loaner mountain bike.  See below for program requirements and eligibility.


Parent/Guardian must complete the online application and agree to all the terms and conditions of the program.

 A refundable $200 deposit must be paid at the time of bike pick-up.

Parent/Guardian and student/athlete agree to maintain the bike while they are using it; including, ongoing maintenance items like chains, tires, brake pads are their responsibility to replace.

Parent/Guardian and student/athlete agree to complete a Tune Up at Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes before returning the bike at the end of the season.


In order to be eligible to apply for the MMCF Mountain Bike Lending Program, the student/athlete must be a current member of the Mammoth Mountain Bike Team.



Our new online application portal is powered by Smarter Select - it is a very easy to use online application.  To make it even easier to use, we have created a short PDF tutorial calling out a couple of features that we think you will find extra useful.



Does our student/athlete have to be on the Mountain Bike Team?
Yes.  The MMCF Mountain Bike Lending Program is only available to members of the Mountain Bike Team.


Do we need to return the bike if our student/athlete decides to not continue with the Mountain Bike Team?
Yes.  The MMCF Bike Lending Program is designed to provide mountain bikes to current athletes on the Mountain Bike Team.  If you student/athlete opts to leave the team early, then the bike needs to be serviced and returned to MMCF.  The Mountain Bike Team asks athletes to participate in at least 2 practices per week. If the Head Coach feels the recipient of a MMCF Loaner Bike is not attending practice regularly or has stopped coming to practice, with no explanation, the MMCF Loaner Bike will be returned to MMCF.


What if the bike gets lost or stolen?
If the mountain bike that is lent to you through this program becomes lost or stolen, you will be responsible for providing the replacement cost of a new bike to MMCF.  Currently, our minimum replacement cost for a bike is $1,000. 

Is a deposit required to receive a loaner mountain bike?
Yes.  A $200 deposit is required for each bike.  The full deposit amount will be due at the time of bike pick-up. 

The deposit will be refunded to you when the bike is returned at the end of the season. 


How are bikes assigned to riders/families? 
We do have a limited number of mountain bikes for lending through this program - we will assign bikes based on when we receive an application, the sizes of bikes available to meet the rider, and other need based circumstances.

Is there financial aid available to cover the required bike maintenance through Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes? 
Yes, make sure to check out the local mountain bike organization - SEMBA:

SEMBA Junior Scholarship Financial Aid Application >>