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  • Opportunity to apply for team fee reimbursement, competition, and camp scholarships valued at more than $100,000 a year.
  • Free photography at local MMSST competitions and MMCF events. Photos can be viewed on the MMCF SmugMug page
  • Quarterly Newsletter - The MMCF Star
  • Early sign-up opportunities for MMCF events
  • Invitation to member-only events



  • $100 per family
  • the membership cycle is October 1 through September 30
  • for MMSST reimbursement scholarships, membership needs to be purchased during the same year/cycle as the application

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MMCF provides over $100,000 annually on athletic and academic scholarships for student athletes, athlete recognition awards, and grants for Inyo and Mono County Physical Education Programs. MMCF Membership is required in order to apply for any Scholarship or Award.

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