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MMCF believes that opportunity and access to the Eastern Sierra should be open and inclusive to all. By financially supporting youth academics and athletic programs in the Eastern Sierra, we inspire future generations to love our mountains, be the best version of themselves, and dream big.

In 2009, then Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory, current Mammoth Mountain COO and President Mark Brownlie, and a prominent Southern California Businessman and father of a Mammoth Ski Team member, Austin Beutner, recognized the need to tie together athletes of different sports on the slopes of the Eastern Sierras. Originally, the vision was to build a multi-sport facility called the Mammoth Center for Excellence. The Center for Excellence was designed as a world-class training venue for winter sports athletes right here in the Eastern Sierras. While in the midst of a capitol campaign to fund the project, the power of connecting these communities became more apparent and the mission shifted. Instead of building a building, MMCF became focused on building our community and empowering all children in new and unique ways.

Providing outdoor experiences, academic inclusiveness, and unique lifelong skill sets of dedication, hard work, friendship, and an ability to dream big are what the foundation holds dear and will continue to strive for.

Behind all the good is a hard working and dedicated group of individuals with a passion for Mammoth Mountain, the Eastern Sierras, and the future of the area. MMCF is a highly motivated and fun group led by a Board of Directors, a Board of Trustees, and our staff. 

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