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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - featuring Isla Lackey

Posted by MMCF Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation on
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? - featuring Isla Lackey

Isla is currently attending UCSD and is thriving!  As one of MMCF’s Senior Community Scholarship recipients, we thought we would give an update on Isla’s first year at University.

As the Co-Salutatorian of Mammoth High School, class of 2021, Isla had already earned two Associate in Liberal Arts Degrees from Cerro Coso:  a Math and Science Degree and a Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree.  She was awarded the Regents Scholarship at UCSD and is majoring in the Geosciences.  She loves taking classes through Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the “professors are fascinating.”  She can hardly wait to get more involved on the Scripps campus and is looking into research internships.

Isla also values extracurricular activities, sports and opportunities to volunteer.  While at Mammoth High School, Isla founded the Rock Climbing Club encouraging teenage girls to have fun outdoors and not be intimidated by the elements.  An avid volunteer for MMCF, she also volunteered for DSES and relished working with people who skiing was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

She has continued being active at UCSD by joining the ski team, gymnastics club and the Surf Club, Betty Boarders, an all female surf collaborative.  She is the Safety Officer for the club and helps other girls learn how to surf.  Additionally, her four roommates are trying to teach her Chinese!

Isla is very thankful for all of the opportunities that MMCF has provided to her and her peers.  She appreciates MMCF who has given her “so much support and actually cares about your success.”  She comments, “A lot of kids my age do not have that support, so thank you.”  

Thank you Isla for being an inspiration!

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