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WE LOVE MATH - After-School Tutoring

Posted by MMCF Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation on
WE LOVE MATH - After-School Tutoring
Every Tuesday and Wednesday after school, eight to nine lucky 3rd graders get to attend “math practice” with Ms. Sandvigen. 

Do they want to go straight home? 
Do they put up a fuss? 
They WANT to practice math! 

There is something magical happening in Ms. Sandvigen’s room with these math hungry 3rd graders!  The students are excited to learn, are raising their math level significantly, and becoming academic forces to be reckoned with.  

During the tutoring session, Ms. Sandivigen reviews what has been taught in class that day.  These students get a whole extra hour of math attention and it is evident in the confidence they exude the following day in class.  They have become peer tutors, helping the other students with their math problems.

"After-school tutoring has brought about a shift in participation with these students.  Their view has changed towards math and math has become fun for them!!"

- Ms Sandivigen - 3rd Grade Dual Immersion Teacher

The other students are begging to join. . .they “want” to practice math too!

MMCF sponsors after-school tutoring in the MUSD Elementary, Middle and High School across a number of subjects; including, math, science, and Spanish. The tutoring program serves roughly 50 students a week across all three schools.

MMCF would like to thank all of our donors and supporters - because of you we are able to sponsor these after-school tutoring programs and make an impact on the lives of our Eastern Sierra youth.

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