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MMCF has been sponsoring an SAT Prep course for Mammoth High School students for six years now.  The course has opened up great opportunities for our students not only for SAT prep but has equipped them with new test taking skills, bolstered their confidence in academic endeavors and taught organizational skills that can be used for college and beyond.  

Plus, a higher SAT score can make our students more competitive in the college application process and open additional doors for scholarships to help cover the costs of tuition.

We got a chance to talk with Citlali Galvan, a current Senior of Mammoth High School and 2-time student of the SAT prep class, who is getting ready to graduate from Mammoth High School this June. She is headed off to college next fall being the first one in her family to attend university. This is what she had to say!


What are your plans for next fall?  Are you going to school?  If so, where?
I am planning to double major in Psychology and Political Science at Sacramento State next fall. (Go Hornets!)

You took the SAT prep class two years in a row.  What were the three main things that you learned from the course that helped you with the SAT?  Do you think one year was more beneficial than the other?
I really enjoyed taking the class both times and I found that it helped me improve my time management for tests not just the SAT but all my tests in general. I learned how to be able to get through the reading section much faster by looking for key points in the texts and lastly I learned how to connect different types of questions and specify my answers. Both years were equally helpful to me but I would say that the second year was more enjoyable for me as I already knew what to expect and could focus mainly on the things I did wrong my first time taking the SAT.

Did your scores improve from taking the course?
My scores improved during the sample tests by at least 10 points. When I took the SAT, I took it twice, there was much improvement in my second score than my first. I believe the score was higher by 10-20 points.

Some advice to incoming sophomores and juniors regarding the SAT?  Would you recommend this course to other students?
The main thing I would say is that the SAT isn't as intimidating as people make it seem. Don't be scared to take it, you shouldn't let fear rule your decisions. Be prepared and take the test early on so you have an opportunity to retake it if you wish and if available take the course. You will have to invest time in doing the course but it will give you results! Most schools are test optional but taking the SAT and doing good on it will show schools that you care!

Is there anything you would like to share with the MMCF audience in regards to having this course made available to you?
I'm really thankful that this course was available. I didn't have much advice on taking the SAT and I was an unorganized anxious mess over it but the course really helped me put my thoughts together and be able to go into the SAT prepared and confident. I truly think that this course is great and it isn't insanely long, the segments are in bite size pieces so they aren't overwhelming.  I am very thankful I got the opportunity to take it!

Thank you MMCF supporters!  Your commitment and generosity make it possible for MMCF to provide programming, like this SAT class, to youths throughout the Eastern Sierra.

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