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MMCF Grants over $140,000 to Mammoth Unified

Posted by MMCF Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation on
MMCF Grants over $140,000 to Mammoth Unified

Thanks to another year of incredible support, MMCF awarded a check of $141,033 to the Mammoth Unified School District (MUSD). Every year, MMCF works closely with MUSD to identify where our schools could use extra support in academics, athletics and extracurriculars.

Similarly to previous years, this MMCF grant will provide additional funding across all subject areas, including math, science, social science, English, Spanish and music. MMCF also funds a large portion of the FLEX program, allowing student-athletes to access a hybrid or fully online education in order to balance the demands of competitive skiing and snowboarding. In addition to the annual donation, MMCF will provide even more funding to a variety of programs such as Ski P.E., free tutoring for all students, SAT prep, technology improvements, and so much more.

MMCF understands that budget cuts and lack of resources are not new in any public school. However, we can fill in a lot of the gaps.

The value of additional school funding has no end, especially in a small community like Mammoth. Tamara Bankson, MMCF Executive Director,  shared that “not every kid has the same opportunities, but we can help level the playing field for the kids of our community by supporting our schools.”

Additional funding in academic programs allows children to access a better education. Providing free tutoring allows kids to get extra school support regardless of financial status. “We remove a lot of the hurdles for kids so that they are able to accomplish anything,” Tamara stated. “As a parent, I completely understand what it’s like to try to afford doing everything for your kids. It’s huge to have support.” 

MUSD superintendent Jennifer Wildman expressed her gratitude for MMCF, mentioning that “there’s no end to the generosity of the Foundation. We have lots of ideas for the present and future on how MMCF can help us.”

Jennifer shared some of her favorite moments from working with MMCF, which included providing emergency assistance to families during the pandemic, providing additional resources for teachers, and continuing to improve technology in the classrooms.

“MMCF isn’t just about school programs and skiing. It’s about supporting the community. It’s pretty amazing that nearly every student and family is reached.” - Jennifer Wildman, MUSD Superintendent

MMCF is incredibly proud to be able to provide so much additional support for our school and community. Thank you to all of our donors for making this possible!

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