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MMCF ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Lys and Levko Fedorowycz

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MMCF ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Lys and Levko Fedorowycz

We’ve all heard successful athletes say something along the lines of “I started snowboarding before I could walk” or “I won my first medal when I was 6.” The world of competitive snowboarding can be difficult to break into, as most athletes start competing at such an early age. 

For brothers Lys (15) and Levko (17) Fedorowycz, their story is a little different. Born and raised in Southern California, they did not have much exposure to competitive snowboarding. Despite learning how to ride at an early age, the boys didn’t have the opportunity to compete until they were older, with little knowledge of how competitions work. Today, the brothers are dedicated MMSST athletes who travel all over the country for competitions and camps. 


Lys and Levko joined MMSST in 2018 after a few years of competing on the Big Bear team. During their first year of competing, their results were not great. But after years of training and dedication, both boys now compete at the highest level. They were invited to participate at the Mammoth Grand Prix, and Levko was invited to compete at Junior Worlds Championships in Switzerland this year. 

“The Grand Prix was super cool because we got to meet our idols and learn about dedication,” Lys shared. “It was a sick event.” Lys was on track to compete at Junior Worlds, but was stopped by an injury just a few weeks before the competition. 

When discussing his experience in Switzerland, Levko shared that Junior Worlds was a bit of a first for him. “I got to meet so many new people from all over the world,” Levko mentioned. In the end, Levko finished 8th overall despite getting hurt on one of his first runs. “Sometimes you can be the best but it’s not your day on the hill.” 

Lys and Levko’s mom, Donna, described that none of this would have been possible without financial support from MMCF. “Levko went to Switzerland by himself,” Donna shared. “MMCF scholarship money is what made it possible for him to go. Other athletes were able to travel with their families but we rely on MMCF.”

Each year, MMCF gives out over $100,000 in scholarships to MMSST athletes like Lys and Levko. We’re proud to support our athletes and help them achieve their dreams by offsetting the financial burden, for athletes of all levels here in Mammoth.

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