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Meet the 2022 MMCF Academic Elite Team Award Recipients

Posted by MMCF Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation on
Meet the 2022 MMCF Academic Elite Team Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 Academic Elite Team!

Each year, MMCF honors student-athletes who have excelled on both the slopes and in the classroom. Each recipient has maintained a GPA of at least 3.5 throughout the school year while also participating on the Mammoth Mountain Ski and Snowboard team.

MMSST athletes attend practice both after school and on the weekends. They have to travel far and sometimes take days off school to attend competitions. And when they’re not in season, they train hard to stay in shape and prepare for the next season. 

Being a student-athlete is a full time job, and we are incredibly proud to honor the individuals that have managed their commitment to MMSST while achieving academic success. We also can’t forget to mention that these students have navigated changes in the classroom from three school years of learning in a pandemic. Despite the challenges, each Academic Elite Team recipient has overcome obstacles to achieve their goals, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Without further ado, here are the 2022 MMCF Academic Elite Award Recipients! 

(3rd - 5th grade)

Callie Bidon
Sage Smead
Audrey Tomaier
Julian Birrell
Chloe Bair
Owen Zhang
Nathan Hatlavongsa
Declan Christensen
Ian Chou
Nadine Hronco
Ryder Felsmann
Dylan Crescenzo
Hudson Hund
Gavin Grahame
Nolan Hatlavongsa
Jude Johnson
Sydney Liu
Luke Henry
Maxwell McCarthy
Dylan Liu
Walter Kim
Makena Nix
Spencer Nguyen
Parker Obinger
Jacob Silvera
Renzo Singer


(6th - 8th grade) 

Alex Graham
Milla Hronco
Sara Tomaier
Tori Newman
Calvin Wong
Andrew Park
Bodie Bidon
Lucas Polo
Koko Bruce
Lucas Schlumberger
Luca Christensen
Marco Silvera
Pearl Johnson
Devon Smead
Tess Leonard
Aiden Sommers
Neko Morando
Emily Sugimura

Margaux Schlumberger


(9th - 12th grade)

Maya Eisner
Tanner Knott
Ashlynn Parsons
Ewen Tomaier
Cabot Godoy
Jack Leonard
Wade Perry
George Pisenti
Ana Swisher
Sebastian Kilgore
Jack Tran

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